Page confusion error (Ward Leaders / Photos)

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Page confusion error (Ward Leaders / Photos)


Post by mevans »

I've managed to do this a few times, but it's difficult to describe how to reproduce. It all depends on timing of your mouse clicks:
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Notice how the tab at left says we're looking at photos but on the right we see the Bishopric.

I've done this by clicking on Ward Leaders and then, before the load is complete, clicking on Photos. The middle pane for showing the list of ward organizations goes away but instead of loading photos I get the Bishopric on the right. And notice how the text at the top of the pane ("playing active groups and callings from your Member Leader Services system") is cut off.

I suspect there are multiple requests going on at the same time and things are getting confused.

I can also reproduce this in production, so it's not new. I guess it's more noticeable now because Ward Leaders and Photos are next to each other, whereas previously they were not.

Note that once Ward Leaders has loaded it appears to be cached. I can only create the problem the first time I load Ward Leaders. Once it's cached, everything works fine. If I close the tab and reopen a new tab with the directory I can do it again (no need to log out).
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Re: Page confusion error (Ward Leaders / Photos)


Post by lajackson »

mevans wrote:. . . before the load is complete, . . .
I have found that most of the Church sites are very sketchy until the site is fully loaded. The most common problem for me is that while a site is loading, the links often jump around faster than you can find and click on them. Or I click where I intend to, and milliseconds before my click the link has moved over and another is in its place, where I am actually taken.

I have sort of gained a sense for how long it takes various sites to load, and just twiddle my thumbs or read the mail while I am waiting. And I have resigned myself to never being in a hurry when it comes to accessing most things Church.
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