Bishop Storehouse Record Retention

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Bishop Storehouse Record Retention


Post by nbarss »

How long should a Bishop retain the pink & canary copies of his Bishop's Storehouse orders?
The financial audit looks back 6 months - but we have a bishop with a binder that goes back 5 or years.

Is he OK to destroy them every 6 months after the audit?
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Re: Bishop Storehouse Record Retention


Post by russellhltn »

Lacking and better reply, I think you're safe in destroying anything beyond the financial retention period- which for the US is 3 years plus current.
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Re: Bishop Storehouse Record Retention


Post by jdlessley »

Storehouse order sheets are financial records as evidenced by item 15 on the Ward/Branch financial audit checklist. Blank Bishops' Storehouse Orders are to be protected like blank checks. RusselHltn's response then follows the record retention for finance records.
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Re: Bishop Storehouse Record Retention


Post by davesudweeks »

For ease of management when I was Ward Clerk, we would store the Bishops Storehouse sheets in the locked cabinet with the appropriate month's Financial records. That way they were available for the audit and were automatically destroyed with that year's financial records per the Record Retention policy.
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