Ordering From Staples

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Ordering From Staples


Post by mikidomine »

We are a newly formed branch and we have been trying to login to the "EWAY" page for staples. When I put in the LDSXXXXXXX (our unit #) it comes back as "eway sign in error, Sorry the information we received is invalid". Can anyone help me with how to correct this or who to contact to get beyond this problem?
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Re: Ordering From Staples


Post by mfmohlma »

I would start by contacting Distribution Services. The US number is 1-800-537-5971

Link here for global numbers
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Re: Ordering From Staples


Post by ctbarrett »

Double check that you have the correct amount of digits and no spaces. I accidently had a space before the "LDS..." and didn't notice it. It took me several failed logins before I caught the extra space. Once I removed the space, all was good.
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Re: Ordering From Staples


Post by jtm24 »

Make sure you do not have a space before "LDS" as suggested and also try adding a zero after "LDS". I have to include the zero even though according the instructions I shouldn't have too.
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