Youth Video Questions

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Youth Video Questions


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I should probably wait until I have the exact Model number of the equipment I am about to ask about, but maybe the equipment we have is fairly standard for the church, so I'll venture to ask the question.

I am the ward technical clerk. I downloaded youth videos for April May and June and put them on a flash drive. Our ward (stake) just purchased some fancy flat screen Sony Monitors, that are hooked to a black box that allows for DVD's and USB drives. I tested my flash drive with the videos on Sony equipment and it worked for May, but not for June. When I tried to access the files for June on the flash drive and using the above equipment I got an error message stating that for the June folder an index could not be found (or something of that nature). If the answer to my problem is not obvious I will get exact model numbers and the exact syntax for the error message, but I'm just wondering if this is something that is obvious to someone else.

Why am I able to access .MP4 files for the May Youth Videos but not for June? When I try to access the files with the flash drive plugged into a regular computer there's no problem.

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Re: Youth Video Questions


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My first step would be to try watching these videos from a different flash drive. Flash drives can go bad or have "bad sectors" or other such problems. Your player might be more picky about a file problem than your computer is.
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