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Search issues


Post by vissersinchina »

When I am Searching, I am only getting responses in the Scriptures not for everything in the library. Am I doing something wrong?
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Re: Search issues


Post by MickelsonBJ »

That's funny, because I am only getting search results for everything OTHER than the scriptures! :D I'm not sure if there is a setting I'm missing. I searched "go and do" and never once saw a reference to 1 Nephi 3:7. Not sure what to do.
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Re: Search issues


Post by lajackson »

I don't know what the newer version does, but in an older version of iOS Gospel Library, on the search page, there were three buttons at the top of the page.

If I selected "phrase", I got "go and do", but if I left it at the default, I only got verses with the word go or the word do in them, but not both, so 1 Ne 3:7 was not picked up. It was as if the search was for "go" or "do", not "go and do", or even "go" and "do".
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Re: Search issues


Post by hutchbay »

As good as the other features are, I'm afraid Search is a giant leap backwards. Besides losing the ability to search for exact phrases, it's much harder to tell what source each result comes from, and since they're uncategorized the search results are a long list -- yet still not long enough, because it apparently gives up early, before showing all of the results for the CHI. I'll have to go back to searching the PDF to find handbook answers.

I hope this is the first feature to get reworked in the next update.
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Re: Search issues


Post by bhbodily »

I agree, a step backwards. When I search it only gives me results from the index. It doesn't matter which book of scripture or category I have open.

The search function is underwhelming.
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Re: Search issues


Post by jessicafaithnielsen »

I too seem to be getting results from everywhere except the scriptures. I am also very frustrated by the inability to search phrases or search within categories (I.e., scriptures) although I don't think I knew how to do that on the old app either.
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Re: Search issues - an Embarrassing Oversight.


Post by ben_t_carter »

The Search function on GL 3 for iOS is worthless - it does everything but search the scriptures. Is there anything on the user side of this issue that can be done?
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Re: Search issues


Post by nilspjac »

Yep, I have to go back to 2.5 to search properly. In this case, one unified search just doesn't cut it. At least give us an advanced option.

Thanks for all your hard work, the rest of the app is awesome! :)
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Re: Search issues


Post by stevengblake »

When searching, when you tap on the item you want, it doesn't bring up what you searched for, it only brings back what I was looking at.
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Re: Search issues


Post by ramonc »

My search seems to only search the Book of Mormon not other scriptures
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