Can't update phone number for member in ward

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Can't update phone number for member in ward


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I am the clerk for our ward.
We have a brother that moved into our ward 9-10 days ago, but when I try to change his phone number, I receive the error message: "Please correct the following errors: Sorry, something went wrong loading the requested data. Try refreshing the page, or try again later."
It has been doing this for the past several days; if they don't want me to change the information, it does not seem polite to provide an "edit" button. :(
Any ideas/suggestions?
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Re: Can't update phone number for member in ward


Post by aebrown »

jlucas1 wrote:Any ideas/suggestions?
I'd recommend that you make the change in MLS. First of all, that's pretty much guaranteed to work. And I wouldn't be surprised if it cleans up whatever data error is causing the error message you're seeing; if so, you would then be able to edit that member's phone number on once the change syncs from MLS to

As for your more general question about whether you have the correct permissions, I think it's clear that you do -- otherwise you wouldn't even see the Edit button. It may be the case that you were seeing a problem with that one particular member's data. You might want to try editing some other member's information to test that theory.
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