Ward Library Materials Database

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Ward Library Materials Database


Post by KGBurton »

Our ward librarian was just released. She and her husband have spent countless hours building an Access database of the library materials (photos, lesson pictures, manuals, etc) so they could publish a pdf into a binder so that members could look through the binder to find what they need and make it easy for the librarian to find it for them. The pdf is made available for smartphones to search and view at home.

I would hate for the work they have been done to get lost or become obsolete because the new librarian won't be able to keep it current.

They are willing to contribute the database or a CSV dump of it to the Church. Ideally, IMHO, this could be maintained and enhanced as an open source project and be made available for download as a pdf and online access as a database.

I am willing to help with the project as well.

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Re: Ward Library Materials Database


Post by sbradshaw »

Some sort of inventory system that a ward or stake could use would be very useful. It could tie in with Store.LDS.org and/or the Gospel Library content catalog to have a complete database of possible items... Such a system would also be useful in a mission (maybe something like this is already used?), where they stock up on pamphlets, cards, and copies of the Book of Mormon and need to keep track of how many they have left and how many missionaries in different areas are requesting.
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Re: Ward Library Materials Database


Post by drepouille »

Microsoft Access is not the easiest database application to use, especially if the database uses multiple tables, queries, reports, and forms, not to mention macros and modules. If the database contains multiple tables, each table would produce a separate CSV file.
Spreadsheets are about as complicated as a typical user can manage. I would not use a relational database application for a calling that requires no computer skills. In either case, I would use a free application, such as can be found in LibreOffice.
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Re: Ward Library Materials Database


Post by clemons91 »

KGBurton do you still have access to this database? I would love to get it if possible.
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