Use of Facebook by wards

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Use of Facebook by wards


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With the use of Facebook becoming more prevalent by missionaries. Is there a do/don't reference to the use of a Ward Facebook page?
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Re: Use of Facebook by wards


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taggartm wrote:Is there a do/don't reference to the use of a Ward Facebook page?
See Handbook 2, 21.1.22. The second paragraph under the sub-section titled Official Church Internet Resources states:
Stake and ward Web sites may be created only by using the official Church Internet resources. Stakes and wards are not authorized to create other Web sites or blogs or otherwise have a Church-sponsored presence on the Internet.
However, individual members may create Web sites or blogs or make use of other appropriate Internet resources in their Church callings. The guidance is provided in 21.1.22 in the sub-section titled Members’ Use of the Internet in Church Callings.
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Re: Use of Facebook by wards


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While I understand that using Facebook is a lot simpler than using you have to remember another fact: Facebook continues to slip away from respecting the privacy of those who use it. You're constantly hearing about how changes in Facebook software and user agreements exposes users to a lot of unknown people. Meanwhile, the church continues to move towards greater protection of the online privacy of its members.
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