Top/Bottom Tools Block View During Page Scrolling

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Top/Bottom Tools Block View During Page Scrolling


Post by jthork »

When I move up and down through websites, I normally do so with the spacebar (to scroll down) or PgUp/PgDn keys. However, with the online scriptures, the top and bottom toolbars (home, previous, next, notes, bookmarks, etc.), hide the top and bottom lines of each page. I either have to scroll a bit at a time with the arrow keys or mouse, or hide the top/bottom toolbars.

I wish page up/down and spacebar would move the page a few lines less so I didn't have to hide the toolbars. I know this is likely built into the OS and/or browser, but it's an extra step that has always annoyed. Or perhaps allow the user to set a default for the toolbars to be collapsed by default?
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Re: Top/Bottom Tools Block View During Page Scrolling


Post by sbradshaw »

Another workaround (though still requiring an extra step) to hide the top and bottom bars is to make the window thinner. when you get to a certain point, the bars hide (to provide a better experience on small-screen mobile devices, but it works on the computer too). The text of the scriptures doesn't get wider than a certain width anyway, so reducing the window width will only slightly affect the width of the content.
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