Spliting Gospel Doctrine Class

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Spliting Gospel Doctrine Class


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I noticed in this weeks Church News an article by President Osguthorpe about dividing large adult classes into smaller ones, but there was not indication of how to do this. Meaning, how does one "split" the adults and get them to attend the other class? I am the Sunday School President for the Salmon Id Ward and we have this very issue. Meeting in the RS room is rather crowded. We tried the cultural hall for a year, but that was noisy, had to put up chairs and take them down each week. Could not use the chapel because another ward is meeting there for their sacrament meeting because we have "over-lapping" schedules. Has anyone done this? I have noticed that the average age in our ward is about 70 years. Help!!
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Re: Spliting Gospel Doctrine Class


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We do this in our large ward, which shares a stake center meetinghouse with three other wards.

One section of Gospel Doctrine class meets in the RS room during the second hour; the other meets on the stage. Yes, folding chairs need to be set up on the stage each week. But they also are used for priesthood opening exercises during the third hour.

Of course, teachers are called and assigned to each section. We have never found a need to organize the assignment of students. They sort themselves out by preference, and the attendance is pretty balanced.
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