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Home Teaching Excel Tool


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I've created an Excel spreadsheet to help me organize our Home Teaching assignments. Hopefully someone else will find it useful. It requires a dump of the HomeTeaching.csv which I think only a Bishop and Ward Clerk can export and save for you. This data is pasted into the first sheet and then the pivot tables help organize the data to show where changes need to be made. By saving the spreadsheets each time changes are made a record can be kept of who was assigned to whom and when. In order to reassign someone, the home teacher's name must be changed in the HomeTeacherX column for the given household. As changes are made I refresh the pivot tables to see who is missing and an assignment, not in a district, without a companion or not assigned. Once all the required changes have been made it still needs to be hand entered into the MLS, but anything I can do to distance myself from the MLS is a plus in my book.
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Re: Home Teaching Excel Tool


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I have my hometeaching.csv file and could use a little more instruction in how to use your tool. Can you publish a set of instructions for how to use this? Thank you!
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