We need help testing a new release of the Scriptures.

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We need help testing a new release of the Scriptures.


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We will be releasing a new set of languages soon and could use the communities help testing this release. We will be releasing Tongan and Finish for sure and possibly Swedish and Norwegian which we may start testing next week.

You do not need to speak these languages to participate in testing. We need individuals who can donate time looking for functionality problems and not translation problems.

A test plan is attached in both Word and HTML formats. This test plan will give you a good foundation of tests to run. After completing these tests feel free to test previously released languages checking for broken functionality or to continue running your own tests on the new language.

If you chose to participate please post a note on this thread letting me know that you will be participating and list the language that you plan on testing. I would also ask that when you find a problem don't hesitate to report it on this thread or by E-mailing me using my profile on this tech forum. If you find an issue please always include a link to the page the problem was found on. You can do this by copying the URL and pasting it into your post. Also include the test number and steps to reproduce the problem. If you do not find any issues please let me know what tests you ran and if they were successful. If you read that someone has already started testing a language that you wanted to test feel free to test it anyway. Two eyes are better than one. I also recommend reading through previous posts to see if the issue you are reporting has already been reported.

When you have completed your testing please post a message letting me know that all tests are completed.

You can access this new release of the scriptures from the following URL:


The Finish language is listed as Suomi and the Tongan language is listed as Faka-Tonga.

Please feel free to tell your friends to participate.

Thank you for participating with this work. You have a great opportunity help people access the scriptures in their native tongue and I'm sure you will be blessed.

Stewart Peatross
Online Scriptures QA
Online Scriptures Community Test Plan.doc
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