Spritz for Gospel Library

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Spritz for Gospel Library


Post by ksevern »

There is a relatively new technology called Spritz. It enables you to read very fast on electronic devices. (see http://www.spritzinc.com/) Is there any work going on to make "Spritzing" available in the LDS Gospel Library application? Though spritzing may not be conducive to all forms of Gospel study, I believe it significantly can improve most.
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Re: Spritz for Gospel Library


Post by russellhltn »

Interesting, but I'd think someone might want to research the concept before rushing to to a production app. For example. I'd like to see it controlled by eye movement. If you look away, it pauses.

I'm also a little bit concerned about what this does for long-term eye health. I don't think it's normal to stare at one spot for an extended period of time. Controlling eye movement was part of a program awhile back on eye health. (What today would be called "alternative medicine".)
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