Portable NFS solution?

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Portable NFS solution?


Post by jaocon »

Just a thought... If there was a portable PAF (http://portableapps.com good place to start - PAF.paf.exe ha ha) that would allow storage of user media/sources and would interface with the NFS to allow synching/ornamenting the tree (with the users media/sources), I believe this would be a fairly popular solution! Then you don't have to lug your laptop around to the research library or the family reunion; just take your flash/external drive, login to NFS and sync show your updated research (as long as there is some computer around to use at the destination)!

Along these lines LDSPortableApps would be a cool marketing/branding solution...

A portable family history tool would be some middle-ground between desktop application/web-based...

What does anyone else think :)?
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Response to Portable Family History idea.


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PAF has always been able to be used from a USB ("thumb" or "pen") drive.

For two years I had PAF and PAF Insight functioning quite nicely off my USB drive. Recently I purchased AQ 12, and it too works off a USB drive. It is not hard to put most programs on a USB drive.

Scriptures, Manuals, a genealogy program, portable OpenOffice. What more do you think would be useful to carry on a small drive? There are scriptures, genealogy programs, and Office clones for PDAs too.

A year ago, I purchased an Asus EEE. Now I carry everything in two languages, scriptures, manuals, and a dictionary. It sure beats having to lug around all those books to Church on Sunday.
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Post by steph.younger »

If you haven't already checked it out, RootsMagic has a feature that will install a fully-functioning portable version of the application and syncronize your database to a designated folder on your USB drive. I use Microsoft's "SyncToy" to keep my media and research folders syncronized and the combination of the two has worked really well for me so far.

- Stephen
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