LUFAS audit website updated June 10th

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LUFAS audit website updated June 10th


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Just found out that there was an update to the
LUFAS audit website June 10th (2014).
The website can still be found at

There is now a dashboard listing the units in your stake
and whether the status of the audit (waiting, started, completed)
for the most recent audit period.

You can also do a practice audit.

I ran through the practice audit (it did not overwrite the previous "real"
audit), and when you balance on the "Other" worksheet it automatically
answers the question "Did your Other accounts balance?" as "Yes". Oddly
enough, I entered one of the accounts as a negative amount, but it did
not automatically fill in the answer to the "Do any of you accounts have a
negative balance?". Perhaps in the next version.

Overall, a nice modest update to the auditing process. With the exception
of the "Any negative accounts balance?" question, I think the so-called "new"
questions are really just slight word variations of former questions. Maybe
in other languages the changes have a more significant impact.

It is nice to see that the church is spending some development of the website,
and trying to improve the audit process.
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