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New Feature Request


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First of all, I want to say how impressed I am with the Gospel Library app and the features that continue to be added. So these suggestions are just a few ideas that I would find very useful. I think there is a common practice of going through physical scriptures and marking them for a specific purpose and to then start again with a new set and mark them for a different reason. It would be really cool if we could group notes, highlights, links etc. and then be able to turn the groups on and off, so that you could in essence start with a "clean" set of scriptures and mark them up according to a specific study grouping.

My second request may be a little more difficult because it involves work with Deseret Book, or maybe even more difficult would be Amazon. I love the linking functionality that has been added. The disappointing thing is that all of the other e-books by general authorities I have on Amazon and Deseret Bookshelf cannot be included and linked to. I don't know if Amazon has a mechanism to create page links or if that feature is available in Deseret Bookshelf, but it would be fantastic to be able to expand the power of Gospel Library for grouping of gospel principles to the books that do not come with the Gospel Library app.
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Re: New Feature Request


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I like these ideas. You should submit them through the in-app feedback option...
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