Temple Ride Share: LDS Calendar

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Temple Ride Share: LDS Calendar


Post by johnrmeyer »

Our stake is trying to figure out how to use technology to create a ride-sharing calendar/service for those who need (or can provide) rides to the temple. Our nearest temple is 2 hours away.

We've been contemplating ride-sharing service tools, google calendar... but perhaps there is an easier way, while staying within the lds.org system.

Any suggestions?

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Bishop Meyer
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Re: Temple Ride Share: LDS Calendar


Post by russellhltn »

johnrmeyer wrote:but perhaps there is an easier way, while staying within the lds.org system.
The second part is questionable. The only thing the average member has edit/entry access to is entering notes for their own scriptures. I don't see that as useful.

Another option is to create a calendar and make every member of interest an editor of that calendar. But that would be tedious to set up, and difficult to maintain if the ward has a significant turn-over. I'd also be concerned about abuse since members could use their access to enter events and book a building. I guess you could have a temple ride coordinator that will record who is going to the temple and when so others can phone for rides.

About all that's left is the bulletin, but that's hardly better then the low-tech methods.
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