Feature request - pre-download photos

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Feature request - pre-download photos


Post by adoga »

It seems that photos are not downloaded to lds tools until a members record is accessed. Is that right?

If so, Could an option be added to the sync menu that allows you to download all photos at the time of syncing rather than waiting when you access the record?

The reason being that it often takes a while (10 sec - 60 seconds) to display the photo when viewing a record, and until displayed it looks as though there is no photo at all. This makes it difficult to know who has a photo unless you wait up to a minute on each record.
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Re: Feature request - pre-download photos


Post by jdlessley »

The forum is primarily user to user support and discussions. The best way to get your input to the right people is through the feedback feature found in the application HELP. You can also send an e-mail direct. The address for Android is lds-tools-android-group@ldsmail.net and for iOS it is ios-support@ldsmail.net. The other system contacts can be found on their respective wiki pages.
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