Highlites and notes for indented text

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Highlites and notes for indented text


Post by pellingson »

I love the beta version of GLW, but....I have tried everything I can think of to highlite and therefore add notes to indented text and scriptures. As I use the tablet to teach lessons, I would like to be able to highlite just the scriptures I want to use. I also need to take indented, numbered or bulleted text and highlite it with the mouse and then right click to add permanent highlites. At this point, when I try to do that, it just sits there and does nothing.

Am I doing something incorrect, or is this something you are working on. The highliting and notes for main line text is fabulous, but I would like to have it available for all text as well as blue scriptures.


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Re: Highlites and notes for indented text


Post by joshuaworkman »

As far as I am aware this is a content issue. In iOS and Android (as well as lds.org) they have the same issue. The text needs to be formatted in a special way to accept and sync annotations. The bullet text is not all formatted this way and it is apparently a big undertaking to get it all to work correctly. So, for now, no highlights on bullets or on certain types of content, regardless of the platform.
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Re: Highlites and notes for indented text


Post by johnshaw »

the issue also exists online, it is a whole-system issue. I logged feedback about it a couple years ago and it was a known issue...... Church is aware it is a problem...
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