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Public Beta


Post by mibbj »

I am grateful you all have been working hard at a better Gospel Library app. I was beginning to wonder if the project was dropped. This beta is 100 times better then the other despite the bugs. One bug I found is that I get 2 circle menu's, when they should really be the same. I get one when I select one to.... however many words and I get another when I select the hole Verse ( In which it displays a dashed box around the text).

Suggestion: pen abilities With buttons/ without - Such as the ability to write notes freehand (like you Would in your own scriptures) my example of this would be much like Microsoft One Note app. there Circle menu makes this a lot easier as well.

pens and buttons: l Know when you first open One Note the program ask if your pen (if you have one Connected) rather it has buttons and if so one or two. Which then set's up the settings for the pen and then tells you what the button can be used for.

It would also be nice to be able to Select a highlighter color or style then be able to use your pen or mouse to highlight whatever you Wish until you turn off the highlighter function.

Viewing options: Would be nice to see a few different Viewing options. Such as a two page View. what I mean is a lot of monitors today and tablets are wide Screen So have an option to change the viewing Style from scroll down to Column View would be nice. On wide screens the verses just run across the length of the screen making the whole verse in some cases two lines. which is ok sometimes however, other times Can make it hard to follow. Maybe the ability to change the spacing between sentences Might help some people. Or maybe a reading guide (see though of course) option that Could be moved with pen, mouse, or finger. A reading guide would be helpful for me ether way. :)
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Re: Public Beta


Post by joe_coolish »

Thank you for all of your comments! I'll relay them to the appropriate groups.

We have ideas in the works for most of your suggestions and we are excited to get them into the hands of the members :D

Let us know if you have any other issues!
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