LDS Tools sharing from Gospel Library

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LDS Tools sharing from Gospel Library


Post by rklindquist »

The Gospel Library has a great feature to share sections and selections to others via text, email, etc.

It would be great if sharing from Gospel Library was integrated with LDS Tools. For example, if I wanted to share a quote or scripture reference with Brother Jones who had a question in Sunday School, it would be great if I could pull up his LDS Tools contact info when sharing from Gospel Library without Brother Jones having to be in my contacts.

I'd hate to have to save 300+ contacts from our ward directory in LDS Tooks to my iPhone when LDS Tools keeps such information as current as MLS.

This could also cut down on printing out 10 slips of paper with quotes or scripture references for class - you could just text, email or otherwise share them in real time!

Thoughts on possible sharing integration like this?
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Re: LDS Tools sharing from Gospel Library


Post by sbradshaw »

That's a great idea! Have you sent it via Feedback in-app yet?

For the printing and handing out slips of paper, even better is if you could sense "nearby devices" and share in that way.
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