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Collections would be much more useful if you could drill down one level deeper and put GC Talks, or Lesson Chapters (for example) into a custom Collection ... at the Book level, it's too general. Unless, I'm thinking about Collections in the wrong way -- and you intended them to be personal shortcuts to frequently used books from the entire library. As for custom Collections the way I described above - I know you can do this in your personal Notebook, but I only see that option available on iOS and via the web interface. Thank for your reply.
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Collections is currently what it is for iOS and Android: a quick way to get at frequently accessed books in your collection. Personal shortcuts to get to the manuals you use most. Basically, it's a means of shrinking the number of steps you need to take to get to your manuals for Sunday School, Priesthood meetings, or Family Home Evening.

On our requested features list, we have extensions to this feature very much like you describe--adding chapters, talks, or videos into a collection. We have a very large number of critical features to get to before we'll be looking at expanding on the functionality of the collections feature, but these extensions are on our radar.

The Notebook and its associated features are one of the critical features I mentioned above that we're still working on.
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