i cannot add my son's name(Aiden Summers)on directory&photo

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i cannot add my son's name(Aiden Summers)on directory&photo


Post by clintonsummers »

I cannot seem add my son's name (Aiden Summers) to our photo or the directory.

Would you please help?

Thank you,
Clint Summers
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Re: i cannot add my son's name(Aiden Summers)on directory&ph


Post by russellhltn »

The photo is just a photo - either for the family as a whole or for a given individual. As such, I don't think there's a way to "add a name" to a photo.

Adding a name to the directory has to be done though the ward membership clerk. However, even then there are limitations.
Have you searched the Help Center? Try doing a Google search and adding "site:churchofjesuschrist.org/help" to the search criteria.

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Re: i cannot add my son's name(Aiden Summers)on directory&ph


Post by mevans »

Clint: It's not clear to me what the desired outcome is here, so I'm providing some general information below and some possible solutions.

On the directory, each family can have a family photo. There can also be a photo for each individual listed in the directory.

On the church directory, the caption for the family photo will be <Last Name>, <Husband's First Name> & <Wife's First Name>. (Or, if unmarried, just the head of household's first name)

You can't change the photo caption to show the names of other family members. If you want to have people's names show up in the photo, then you can use photo editing tools to add a name to each person, or take a picture with each person holding a card with his/her name. This way it's part of the photo itself and will be uploaded with the photo. I have seen some things like this, but it's up to the family to provide a photo like this.

If the problem is that your son doesn't show up on the directory at all, then you need to work with your ward/branch clerk to have him added. You did not indicate the age of your son. If he's under age 8, a record can be created without baptism, with permission of the parents. If he's over age 8, the only way on to the online directory is baptism.

Once your son is on the directory, a photo of him can be attached.

Another problem could be that you've uploaded your son's photo to the directory and it isn't appearing. Photos do not appear on the directory until they are approved. In this case, you need to seek out someone with approval permission to do this (such as a ward clerk). There is no proactive notification to clerks to check this. If your unit is not accustomed to including photos on the online directory, they may be completely unaware that they need to do this or how to do this.

As russellhltn indicated, see your war membership clerk. If your ward clerk or membership clerk is having problems, send him to this forum for help.

I'm just guessing at various things that could be wrong here from your comment. If something here doesn't help, please provide additional information.
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