Use of Fundraiser Funds

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Use of Fundraiser Funds


Post by milleju »

Our Bishop authorizes one group fundraising activity each year. Historically, the funds from the fundraiser have been used to fund more than one youth activity (for example annual YW camp and annual scout camp). My read of HB 2 Section 13.6.8 is that the fundraising activity may be used to help pay the cost of ONE annual camp or similar activity as outlined in 13.2.8.

Is my interpretation correct that funds from the annual fundraiser can only be used to help pay the cost of one activity? It seems (right or wrong) that many wards are using fundraising funds to pay for more than one annual camp/activity. Our fundraising activity includes participation from both the YW and the YM, so telling them that the funds can only go to help fund one activity may be be troublesome. Seeking guidance/clarification anyone can provide.
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Re: Use of Fundraiser Funds


Post by russellhltn »

An interesting interpretation. I can see an interpretation of one fundraiser per unit (not per organization). But I think the interpretation that the fundraiser can only fund one camp per unit is a bit iffy. I read it as funding the annual activities outlined in 13.2.8. I think the purpose of "one" is to signify that there shouldn't be an "annual YM spring camp" and a "annual YM summer camp" - that there can be only one annual event per YM/YW/Primary group.

But ultimately the interpretation falls to the local leaders.
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Re: Use of Fundraiser Funds


Post by benjamincarleski »

If you read carefully through how section 13.2.8 of Handbook 2 reads, it appears to me you get the following:

1. Most, all if possible, activities should be funded by the ward budget. If the activity doesn't fall into the categories below, this is the only funding option.
2. For certain, specified activities, if the ward budget is not sufficient, leaders may ask participants to pay all or part of the expense.
3. If the funds collected for all the item 2 activities are not sufficient for the costs, the bishop may authorize a single, group fundraising activity.

Now, it could be read to mean that you could have one, annual fundraising event per allowed item 2 activity (so one for YW camp, one for cub scout camp, one for boys camp, etc). Given how the items are listed though and how the paragraph is phrased, that isn't how it reads to me.

If you go with my interpretation, you should only ever have one fundraising activity per ward, per year, however the funds from that activity could boost funding for all exceptional, item 2 activities for that year. If you go with the alternate interpretation, you could have multiple fundraising activities. I don't see an interpretation though that would limit you to only being able to hold a single fundraiser for the ward, whose funds would only go to one item 2 activity. I really can't see the leadership asking the wards to pick each year whether to fully fund YW camp or one of the boys camps.

To determine the appropriate interpretation for your stake, have the bishop talk with the stake president, who can escalate it if he is unsure. I haven't heard a general, church-wide clarification on this (though if there is one in the Clerk library, I hope someone will post a reference), so it would be left up to the priesthood chain to properly interpret under the guidance of the Spirit for your area.
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