Annual Ward History Function in MLS

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Annual Ward History Function in MLS


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As I was putting the 2014 Ward History together it occurred to me, and I am sure that others have thought of this, that it would be a helpful feature in MLS, if at the end of the year one could print out any changes in leadership during the previous year that had taken place. Once the annual page was printed out for inclusion on the annual report, MLS function keeping track of changes could re-set to zero or blank and begin keeping track of subsequent leadership changes for the next year.

For instance, our Ward had a complete change in Bishopric, which I detailed on our history. I would think that it would be relatively simple for MLS to keep track of the changes in leadership of the various organizations- since such changes are necessarily imputed into MLS to keep the organization staffing up to date. Therefore, when the annual history was being prepared a page or two could be printed out (or prepared for e-mail to the stake clerk as we are doing in our stake) that list the changes in leadership; showing the relevant calling, the released individuals, the newly called individuals and the calling and set apart dates.

I think this would be a useful part of the annual Ward history.
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