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Cut and Paste suggestion


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Appreciate all the hard work that goes into the app. Thank you. 

One suggestion for a huge improvement. Currently, when you copy anything out of the library, say when you are preparing a talk or lesson, or just to text a friend a quick scripture or thought, it includes the source and a web link. Honestly, it is annoying and time consuming to then have to back space or select and delete this. Not every time we copy text do we need the source or a web link. Especially when you are just taking notes for your scripture study.  This is very true when you are making multiple copies from the same source, like a conference talk.  Is it possible that you might either include a quick message after you hit "Copy" to include the source and link or to just copy the text as highlighted?  Another option might be to allow us to select in the settings how we want to copy: just the text selected, text and source, text source and web link. 

I don't send scriptures as often to friends and families, or even quotes for friends because of this, and I honestly get more frustrated during scripture study than is reasonable, thus defeating one of the purposes for the study. (Ok, not really but you know what I mean)

Everyone I talk to also dislike the extra bit tacked on the end of each pasting as well, so I know it isn't just me. (Also, it is frustrating to receive a link in a text message and then accidentally hit it, only to be taken to the web browser, interrupting what you were doing.)

Also, thanks for moving the Liahona magazine into the spot the Ensign used to be. Much better and it sends the message that we are a world centered church and not a USA centered church. LOVED when you did that. 
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