Name wrong on temple records

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Name wrong on temple records


Post by emilycbelanger »

I am a woman, and I did not change my last name when I got married. As of this summer, I verified that both my legal name and my preferred name on Church records were accurate. (That is, that church records listed my legal name, rather than my husband's last name).

My husband's last name is not my last name and never will be. In our ward directory, our household name is hyphenated so that both of our last names are searchable in the list of households.

When I went to the temple recently, my name showed up on the screen, but with my husband's last name at the end, in parentheses. The temple worker thought this meant that my husband's last name was now my last name too.

What do the parentheses mean, and are there any additional records I need to update?

I want to understand what's going on before I speak to my ward clerk, to make it easier for him to fix the problem.
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Re: Name wrong on temple records


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Have him check "Maiden name". You can also ask him to print your IOS (Individual Ordinance Summery) and you can see for yourself.
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