podcasts! scriptures and conference and firesides, oh my.

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podcasts! scriptures and conference and firesides, oh my.

Postby cdn_kellym-p40 » Wed Oct 22, 2008 12:40 am

Are there any NON-iPod users like myself who are really getting into the amazing wealth of podcasts that the Church has available?

Currently I've got CES broadcasts, Conference talks, scriptures, Joseph Smith manual... I think that's it. Not to mention the few non-Church-sponsored but church-related podcasts of a more editorial nature (but definitely still pro-Church and put out by Church members). I'll forgo mentioning any names of the external ones because I suspect that would be interpreted as advertising/posting links. :)

I also grab the General Conference sessions in MP3 format and listen to them in the car or wherever else I am. It makes for a much nicer day.

I have an 8G Zune, which I got for being randomly selected as a product tester :) With my other content and 3 sessions of Conference (not 3 whole WEEKENDS of Conference, but 3 session files) I'm getting close to full.

Anyway I thought that I would see if I was unique in this or if it was more widespread. I'm fairly certain that very few people in my ward/area know about what we have available and it makes me a little sad.

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