Investigating From the Outside Again

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Investigating From the Outside Again


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I am seeking a fresh insight into rejoining the LDS church. I realize that people are people and that members are members as they probably need guidance, however, is there more depth to what outsiders are looking for when rediscovering the LDS faith? A long time ago, my wife was a young girl, she needed to council with her bishop about an issue, an issue that he was neither prepared nor qualified to discuss. The discussion went to a place that, had it been recorded a man would have been led out in hand cuffs. How does one recover from this? Are all church leaders the same? Is it possible that there are people who, close doors and act on impulses that could destroy the spirit of an adolescent?

I learned about the incident several years after marriage, our kids were to young to understand, we moved on, but then again we learned of a very similar situation happened much too close to our family. Why cannot bishops do what they should do, and not do what they are not to do. What keeps us in the investigation mode is that through all the wacko people, there is lots of good. We watch sacrament from the BYU station because it's seems safe, We do family home evening, read scriptures, pray, but it's the risk vs. reward of people who are just human and nothing more. Living the LDS life, should never be so difficult, and we are just wondering if, trust is anything like faith. Can it work both ways, be restored and never repeated? I am teaching my kids defensive filtering from what they may encounter if they return. Why should I be bracing my family for Sabbath Survival when it's church? Simple and Joyful church?
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Re: Investigating From the Outside Again


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Your most excellent questions are far beyond the scope of a technical forum such as this one, but I would suggest a few things to get you pointed, hopefully, in a helpful direction.

Bishops are not perfect, but they are generally good men. Certainly by now you have a new bishop, and I would recommend that you visit with him, share your concerns, and ask him to help you work through these challenges. If needed, the stake president will also be able to assist.

And then I would have faith that this is the Lord's church, not the bishop's, not ours. As you rely on Him, and seek to qualify for the blessings of the Holy Ghost to guide you and inspire you, I am confident that you will be able to work with your bishop and other Church leaders to regain access to the ordinances and blessings of the gospel that will lead you and your family back to our Eternal home.
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