updating home teaching assignments

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updating home teaching assignments


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I am the High Priest group leader.
I am attempting to add a family to a home teaching companionship.
I am not that particular home teaching companionship's supervisor.
I can add a family; however, when I save the change, this statement in red appears at the top of the page, "We apologize that you have encountered an error. Please reload the page and try again." And it will not allow me to save the change.
On two different days, I have reloaded and tried again several times.
On two different days, I have signed out, and signed in several times.
And I continue to receive the error message.
Help me please.
Thank you,
Rick Cantrell
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Re: updating home teaching assignments


Post by mstauff »


Thanks for the report. In your case it looks like there are some members that have moved from your unit, but are still assigned in the companionship you're trying to edit. We have a process in place that should automatically remove members from HT/VT assignments when they move out of the unit, but there are some issues with it that we're still trying to track down. It looks like that is what's leading to the error message you're seeing. Can you try deleting any members that are no longer in your ward from the companionship you're trying to edit? Once they're removed you should be able to make additional changes. We'll work on getting this corrected, but in the meantime that workaround should allow you to make the changes you need to make.
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