Nursery Entry Age

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Nursery Entry Age


Post by christyhcook »

For years I have thought about this and not really been sure how to get this thought out to the right people, so here' my best attempt.

Children enter nursery at age 18 months. It seems to me that when children reach about 15 months old, the parents spend the next 3 months out in the halls (I have a young ward and a lot of young children so this has become very apparent). At that age, the children are too wiggly to make it through Sunday School, but aren't old enough for nursery yet. At about 18 months, children go through an attachment/separation anxiety phase of development, making entry into nursery challenging for many (including for the nursery leaders :) It seems like 15-16 months of age would be an ideal time to transition into nursery, like it would be a little easier for everyone involved. The kids are at an age when they are more willing to go, the parents wouldn't have to miss 3 months of meetings, seems like a win-win. Just a thought.

I guess I'm just kind of trying to throw that out there as a suggestion to hopefully maybe spark an idea to the right person :D
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Re: Nursery Entry Age


Post by aebrown »

christyhcook wrote:I guess I'm just kind of trying to throw that out there as a suggestion to hopefully maybe spark an idea to the right person :D
It's an interesting thought, but anyone who would be a decision maker is unlikely to see anything on this forum. You could use the Feedback link on to make your suggestion. Note that the 18-month age is specified in the actual Handbook, so it would require First Presidency approval to make such a change (see HB 2, 11.4.3).
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Re: Nursery Entry Age


Post by sbradshaw »

In addition to sending feedback on, since this is a matter of policy, you might have your bishop pass it up to the stake president who can discuss it with the area leaders.
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Re: Nursery Entry Age


Post by gvine »

I've worked in the Nursery a lot over the years. I always thought it was so wise that the age for entry into the Nursery was 18 months. Seems children of that age no longer put objects in their mouths, as they did a few months earlier. Making it safer for them to be there as there's plenty of germs on toys, etc.

Just a thought.
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Re: Nursery Entry Age


Post by drwildwave »

Nursery is not a babysitting service, it is an actual class...with lessons (albeit very short ones), also singing time and snack time). As a past Nursery Leader, it is important for parents to realize that our goal in Nursery is to teach these little ones of Christ and feel of his spirit. The age policy is a wise and time tested policy. I am the parent of 7 children, and now 5 grandchildren. My time spent in the hall during those few months are most precious to me now that those children are grown.
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Re: Nursery Entry Age


Post by covax13 »

I was in a ward once that had a "babes in arms" Sunday school class. It was brilliant. We basically just put chairs in a circle in the gym and put a bunch of nursery toys in the middle. All the baby's could play around in the circle with the toys while the adults could participate in the lesson without feeling like there presence was a distraction. Easy to do and was well attended and appreciated.
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Re: Nursery Entry Age


Post by vhilton4000 »

I understand what you are saying completely. Of course it isn't the right time for every child my solution is to invite both child and parents into nursery for those transition months. Then they are used to it by the time they are 18 months. The parents see what you are trying to achieve in nursery too.
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