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Gifts of the Heart


Post by jjcj6278 »

Our Stake has an "other" category donation called 'Gifts of the Heart' which is dedicated to ward assistance and is non tax deductible.
Is there a plan to provide online capability for this in the near future? If not, where might that suggestion be made?
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Re: Gifts of the Heart


Post by jdlessley »

jjcj6278 wrote:Is there a plan to provide online capability for this in the near future?
We don't know what donation capabilities regarding "Other:AMFA" categories will be. Currently those categories are not available for online donations since only the parent category "Other" and headquarters created "Other" categories such as "Book of Mormon", "Temple Construction", and so on are transmitted to headquarters.

Local "Other:AMFA" categories currently only reside on the local MLS program. Headquarters doesn't "know" what locally created sub-accounts exist. The data will have to reside on headquarters servers much the same way home teaching and visiting teaching data was moved to headquarters servers to provide the HT/VT management that currently exists in LCR.

I guess that this would become available once unit finance capabilities are moved online.

We seldom get advance notice of development efforts or time lines of future changes. We find out when the roll-out is announced or in some cases when the beta is released to select units for testing.
jjcj6278 wrote:If not, where might that suggestion be made?
You can use the feedback link found near the bottom of the Donations page.
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Re: Gifts of the Heart


Post by russellhltn »

Question 10 of the FAQ for donations might apply here:
Q10. Our ward often has a fundraising activity to raise money for youth activities such as Young Women or Scout camp. Can this money be donated online?

A10. No, contributions made for fundraising activities are not considered donations but are considered a payment for goods or services and cannot be completed online. They are similar to paying for the cost of craft projects that are part of a Relief Society activity. They must be done through your local ward or branch.
Taken at face value, I'm not sure as those kinds of things will ever be done on-line.
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