Church internal telecom contact?

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Church internal telecom contact?


Post by doyalalexander »

I don't know where to post but need a little help. Due to a recent hardship, the Church helped me with a phone bill. However, for some silly reason, ATT applied the check to the Church's account instead of mine. After almost a week, they have told me to have our internally approved resource call them and they can refund the check so a new one can be issued for me to hand deliver. --- they won't provide me with who to reach out to internally.

Thoughts anyone?
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Re: Church internal telecom contact?


Post by lajackson »

Some phone bills are paid by the FM Group.
Some phone bills are paid by the stake.
Some phone bills are automatically paid by Church headquarters and then billed to the FM Group or stake.

Your stake Physical Facilities Representative (a high councilor) can connect you with the FM Group to see if they got the credit. Your stake clerk or financial clerk will know what phone bills they normally pay.

I would start with the PFR and the FM Group.
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Re: Church internal telecom contact?


Post by Mikerowaved »

For financial assistance from the ward that was not applied correctly, you should contact your ward finance clerk. He has the resources to contact the church and together they can work on fixing the issue.
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