An Elder teaching HP

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An Elder teaching HP


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Our HP Group has two instructors, one is a HP the other is an Elder who meets with the HP. In the Organization -> High Priest, the HP is listed under Instructors while the Elder is listed under the Other Callings->Group Instructor. I think our Elder may have had his feelings hurt by being separated from the other instructor. Any rationale of the distinction between the two? My guess at a reason didn't help so I told him I would ask. He caught this in LDS Tools.

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Re: An Elder teaching HP


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Most likely it is due to the fact he is an elder. By default with the way things work in LCR, elders are assigned to the elders quorum and HP to the HP group. When adding his calling as a HP instructor, it probably rejected that placement. Instead a custom calling was created of the same name. All custom callings by default end up in the other callings section.
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Re: An Elder teaching HP


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kellymab wrote:When adding his calling as a HP instructor, it probably rejected that placement.
Correct. Per Handbook 2: 7.3.4, "the high priests group leader or one of his assistants calls and sets apart one or more high priests to serve as high priests group instructors."
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