LDS Technology Magazine

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LDS Technology Magazine


Post by kennethjorgensen »

I created an E-magazine called "LDS Technology" here:

which I thought people in this forum might find interesting.

It now has over 300 articles in it and new articles are added several times every week.

It's purpose is to find articles related to the use of technology within the church.

The question I get asked most about my LDS Technology E-magazine is "Does it not take ages to find the articles to put in it?"

The answer is "No, an article can be found and added in 10 seconds" by using a combination of some smart tools.

In the olden times you would have to go and check each website for new content and then go to the magazine and add the article. This would be time consuming with 70 sites to check.

For my set-up I use a Chrome tool called "Page Monitor", a useful site called, a few more websites and Flipboard with its useful scripts.

"Page Monitor" will automatically detect new articles on the various sites I decide for it to monitor thus saving me from checking them all myself. It then displays the new articles for me and I can decide if I want to use it or not. is a site which help to monitor 70 LDS related sites and saves me from adding them all to Page Monitor.

When I decide to add an article to my Flipboard E-magazine I simply click a button on my browser and it is added automatically. I do the same for the Pinterest board.

Notice that Flipboard has apps for both IOS, Android and Windows 8/10 but can also be viewed via the website. With Flipboard you can also add other magazines or even just RSS links, blogs etc and you suddenly have your favourite news sources in one place.
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Re: LDS Technology Magazine


Post by lmcguire »

Very nice, Kenneth. This is a very convenient resource.


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