Shipping Store Box Addresses in Member Records

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Shipping Store Box Addresses in Member Records


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I'm in a bishopric and work with the membership clerk. We received a number of member records associated with a box number (like a PO Box) in a shipping store (UPS Store). The appear to be apartment or suite numbers, but are actually only commercial PO Boxes. We've tried searching property records, contacting former spouses, etc & etc, without luck. It may even be that the box is used as a local mailing address & forwarded somewhere else completely.

We haven't yet been successful in finding any of these members, and have sent a number of the records back to HQ.

We don't get many records with PO Box #s, and have held on to one record for 18 months, because we know the town the member lives in, but can't get anything but a PO Box.

Is there any way SL would or could flag this address as a drop box location--and not a reliable indicator or residence or location? In most cases we try to do our due diligence, but always end up sending them back, much of the time there are no other methods of contact (i.e. telephone, email, etc.).

Suggestions? Pointers?
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