Lost Display Case Key

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Lost Display Case Key


Post by zaneclark »

I'm hoping someone on this forum can help me with this.... I have been asked to post photos of the missionaries from our stake in a glass display case outside the stake offices. I have the photos ready, but the stake PFR has been telling me for several weeks now that he cannot find a key to the case and doesn't know where to get one.... Can anyone think of a solution to this? Maybe you have had the same problem? I know this isn't the usual tech question, but I have been helped so many times in the past in this forum that I am hoping you can come through again....
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Re: Lost Display Case Key


Post by aebrown »

The next step would be for the PFR to work with the FM Group to either get a key (if they have a copy) or to have a locksmith replace the lock on the case. Since the display case is part of the building, it is ultimately the FM Group's responsibility to fix the problem.
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Re: Lost Display Case Key


Post by lmcguire »

In the absence of a lock smith (or twelve years waiting for bureaucracy to get you one), as long as the key hole isn't circular (like on bike locks), a hair pin broken in half - or hair pin and paper clip - plus a video or two on YouTube will show you how to pick it. Locks like that generally aren't hard... :)
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