Adobe AIR as a platform?

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Adobe AIR as a platform?

Postby RossEvans » Mon Nov 24, 2008 4:46 pm

After looking around for a platform for new desktop development, I am exploring the Adobe AIRproduct. If anyone should develop desktop apps for use by clerks, leaders or members for use on their own systems, it would be nice if some of those same apps potentially could be installed on the administrative desktop systems issued to local units.

One thiing about Adobe AIR is that it requires the installation of a free runtime from Adobe. What are the chances that stakes would allow installing it on local desktop boxes? Even further, what are the chances that the Church would ever make such a runtime package part of its standard image?

This would not comprise blanket permission also to install any and all AIR-based apps. Each such application still would require its own installation dialog with appropriate admin privileges.

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