Obtaining Recording of 1970 Choir Performance

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Obtaining Recording of 1970 Choir Performance


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I'm not sure where to go for help so I thought I would try here. For Christmas this year I received a CD from my dad with an old recording of him and my mom performing at the April 1970 General Conference as members of the Institute Choir. These recordings are special to them because they performed immediately following the Confirmation by the Conference of President Joseph Fielding Smith as Prophet, Seer and Revelator, and President of the Church in the Sunday Morning Session of the Conference. One of the songs they performed "Does the Journey Seem Long" is particularly special because President Smith wrote it. Each member of the choir received a copy of their performance for their records. The recording I have is from an old square record and while you are able to distinguish the music, there is obvious static most likely resulting from scratches and/or other imperfections from improper storage of the record. I would love to be able to obtain a better quality copy to provide them as a surprise for next Christmas (or Easter if sooner!), but I'm unsure where to ask or where to look. I would appreciate anyone who could point me in the right direction. If nobody has a copy of this recording or if, despite these imperfections, you are interested in receiving a copy I will be happy to provide you with one.
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Re: Obtaining Recording of 1970 Choir Performance


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I know it hasn't been posted on LDS.org or the LDS General Conference YouTube channel – perhaps you could contact the Church history department or use the Feedback option on LDS.org.
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