Scriptures "Listen" audio doesn't work in Windows 10

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Scriptures "Listen" audio doesn't work in Windows 10


Post by henrie1 »

Ever since I upgraded my computers to Windows 10 I have had a problem with listening to scriptures. The headphone icon and "Listen" link show up like normal in Edge, Internet Explorer and Firefox but when you click on it nothing happens. The URL changes to include a "#listen=audio" at the end but the little Audio widget doesn't show up. I have tried enabling several internet options but haven't been successful. Did anyone else have this problem?

I should also note that I can successfully use the Download -> MP3 link and listen that way (but it isn't as gratifying :) ).
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Re: Scriptures "Listen" audio doesn't work in Windows 10


Post by sbradshaw »

Which chapter are you in? For me, the control takes some time to load in Chrome but doesn't seem to load in Safari. I wonder if it takes a while to load but times out in some browsers.
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Re: Scriptures "Listen" audio doesn't work in Windows 10


Post by rsidwell »

It works fine for me in Chrome, Edge, and Firefox on Windows 10. I know that javascript is required, so make sure that is enabled. But I don't know what is require beyond that.
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Re: Scriptures "Listen" audio doesn't work in Windows 10


Post by PamelaBonta »

A couple of things that might have been the problem:

1. There was a problem with using church web sites with Windows 10/Edge when it first came out. It should now be fixed.

2. All of the English audio files for the Old and New Testament were recently updated and replaced to reflect the 2013 edition of the Scriptures. You may have tried to access the files when the updates were occurring, and if so, you may be stuck in a cached page if they still will not play. If so, please try clearing your browser history or cache, or using a different browser.
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