Adding Notes and Adding to Notebooks

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Adding Notes and Adding to Notebooks


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Somethings screwy when trying to save highlighted text and notes into a specific notebook. In the past, when highlighting online Scriptures and then adding notes I've gone to the dropdown box to save the notes in a specific notebook. It has always worked fine. Lately, when I locate that notebook and try to checkmark it and save the details into that notebook, the highlights and notes are not getting to the correct notebook. The dropdown shows either unassigned as an option or that all the other notebooks have all been checked. It doesn't seem to matter what notebook I check, it never quite gets saved into the correct position. The only way I've been able to correct this is to go back into Notebooks and Journal and find those entries that were never correctly assigned.

Any help with this one would be appreciated.

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Re: Adding Notes and Adding to Notebooks


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Please see this thread, which appears to be about this same issue:

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