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What is SEO and its Uses ?
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Paul, this reply is 2 years later than your question - i hope you still have interest in the answer: SEO use is to bring something out from obscurity online so that it can be found.
Search engine optimization is widely misunderstood by those who don't know it because just like technology it can be used for good and it can be used unethically: both uses are intended to optimize the content of a website's page(some websites have 1000's of pages so each is optimized uniquely per topic) so that Google's robots can best know where to place the page in search results... when intentionally done(the ethical way), the result of SEO is the page comes up first online when someone "googles" a phrase the SEO professional intended to "rank" online.
For example: when someone searches the phrase "what is faith" there are webpages that are intentionally showing up first because the SEO knew how many of which words to include on the page of the website that is now showing up first.
In addition to the SEO word choice/usages and phrases that are required to be in an article on the page we intend to rank there is also the raw authority of the website that also is a major factor. Good news for is that our website is massively authoritative- we just haven't applied any SEO and so we don't show up when some sincere soul looking into what faith is doesn't see our answer to the question being asked until 3 pages into google... but nobody really looks past the top few anyways.
This means huge missionary opportunities to the church if we were willing to venture.
This reminds me of the scriptures that talk about so many hungry souls searching and not knowing where to find the truth.
I frequently pray with sincerity that the church will begin to use the authority of the website to bring in those who are searching. I really do want to serve the Lord and I believe if we were to try this on just 1 page it would make more long-lasting difference than so much of the social media ad spend.
I would love so much for the chance to contribute what I know about SEO to the church. The world is still waiting for the value we want to share.
Aaron Tjomsland
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