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Change Username in


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Hello - Missionary Mom here. My son is leaving in July and has been assigned a email account. I have set up a blog through that pulls from this account, and uses the username on the account. I have discovered that in his membership record the capitalization of our last name is incorrect. It should be 'van der Werf' but on his record it is 'Van Der Werf'. I have emailed our ward clerk about updating his membership record. My real question is will this also update the Username for his account? We are unable to do it ourselves, it looks like the church has to do it. If it does not automatically update, who do I contact to get the spelling of his username fixed in his account? I would like his name to be spelled correctly there. Thank you for your help!
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Re: Change Username in


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You may need to work with your clerk to call the Global Service Center and get in contact with the missionary department. Most likely someone in the missionary department manages the email account options for missionaries.
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Re: Change Username in


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rjvdw wrote:My real question is will this also update the Username for his account?
Are you talking about his name or his login name? I'm pretty sure the login name is case-insensitive.
Have you searched the Help Center? Try doing a Google search and adding "" to the search criteria.

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Re: Change Username in


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Thanks for the replies! I'm talking about his actual Google Account name - it says he does not have permission to change it, apparently admin must do it (i.e. the church I'm guessing). We will work with the Ward Clerk/Global Services to see if we can get it sorted out. Thanks again!
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