Mobile notes (Android) not showing on

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Mobile notes (Android) not showing on


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Apologies in advance - I searched but could not find a previously posted topic that meets my needs. I have marked several scriptures in my Mobile app, but are not showing in the site. I have made sure I have signed in. Specifically, Doctrine and Covenants 42:14. has some notes and cross-references that I would like to see on my study mode of When I mark a scripture in my mobile app as an experiment near by this specific scritpure, and refresh the site, it shows up. I have it marked as a scripture chain in my mobile app, which is not available in the site (frustrating). Could that be the reason why it is not showing as marked with notes in the site? That is the only possibility I can imagine. On a side note, will there be an update for the scriptures and notes, and study journal coming out soon? It is so frustrating having more options in the mobile app than on the site. I really dislike the site when compared to the app. I ought to be grateful for it though. Just some suggestions - I can imagine I am not the only one who has expressed this desire.
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Re: Mobile notes (Android) not showing on


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That sounds like a good hypothesis – it makes sense that links not being supported on could cause problems with other annotations (like highlights) on a verse with links. We've been told that updated study tools are in progress, but it's impossible to know how far along they are, if they've been delayed or even postponed for other priority projects. It's been a while since I've heard anything about that.
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