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Indexing Supported platforms


Post by mike84cdn »

I am trying to purchase some devices for our ward to use for the purpose of indexing.

Do tablets with the windows OS support the indexing program?

Does the internet browser option still exist for specific operating systems and platforms? ( ... xperience/)

What are those platforms? Specifically I was looking at getting basic windows enabled tablets and using them for indexing.
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Re: Indexing Supported platforms


Post by russellhltn »

The eventual goal is to be web-based, so I'd imagine that most any device could do it - including Chromebooks. But we're not there yet.

Given that the primary purpose is data-entry, I'd think you'd want something with a keyboard - not a tablet.

I must say, I'm puzzled by the finances implied behind this. Unless it's for members to buy for their own use, this is highly unusual to the point of being questionable.
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