Cannot install IEM BigFix = No Windows 10 Upgrade?

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Cannot install IEM BigFix = No Windows 10 Upgrade?



Hi everyone,

I'm a STS from Sorocaba, Brazil having some trouble to update clerk computers to W10. As soon I received the notification, I started to monitor the process. But on two specific clerk computers, coincidentally or not at the same metinghouse, i cannot even install BigFix. I was sure that this software was previously installed, but when I looked for it, i get only "IEM BIgFix - Remote Control" on both of then.

So I tried to install. In one (Optiplex 7090 running Windows 7), i only activated BESClient on services.msc, it worked (BigFix) and started to update, but with no success. The process was made, but it restarted on Windows 7 showing an error message.

With other, i cannot even install bigfix. I download it from mhtech website, run it, but nothing is showed at screen.

A intersting detail is that the first computer started to update at Sunday :shock: .

Any help is appreciated, Thanks in advance!
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Re: Cannot install IEM BigFix = No Windows 10 Upgrade?


Post by esoutham »

On several machines, BES had been installed, but then was not running. (unknown time or reason)
I had to use the IBM "BES Uninstall utility" to first clean out the old install files and registry settings
download latest version from here: ... %20Utility

I could then run the IEM_ClerkPC.exe installer from ... e?lang=eng

Once IEM was running, it forced a couple of Win7 updates first, (reboots required) and then finally updated to Windows 10 the approved way.
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