Verses Reversed

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Verses Reversed


Post by GStringham »

Bug? I just submitted this via the Feedback but I have a picture to attach. So here it is again:

On my Chrome web browser on a Windows machine, in my Notes page, I clicked on the down arrow for one of my Notebooks and selected Download. I selected docx. When I examine the downloaded file, many of the verse ranges are reversed. For example, it shows Ezekiel 37:17-15 instead of 15-17.

I think the reason this is getting into the database like this is because I often swipe up to select verses. In this example, I probably put my mouse at the end of verse 17, then clicked and swiped up to the beginning of verse 15, then let go of the mouse button.

I just now discovered that this bug shows up on the Notes and Journal page when selecting that passage as seen in the attached screen shot.
Shows one instance of the reversed verses, "17-15", while the rest are okay at "15-17".
Shows one instance of the reversed verses, "17-15", while the rest are okay at "15-17".
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Re: Verses Reversed


Post by sbradshaw »

Good find! :) Looks like a bug.
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