Enhanced highlight and studying

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Enhanced highlight and studying


Post by davehaws »

In recent conference addresses and in trainings I have seen over the last couple of years, I have heard comments of "Go through the Book of Mormon looking for references/verses tied to [some theme that they are suggesting] and highlight all references."

With that in mind, it would be cool if we could set a filter/view on our studying. I can imagine a few different scenarios:

1. As I try and go through the Book of Mormon (or the bible, D&C, general conference, etc) with one theme in mind, it would be nice to set that theme and every time I highlight, it automatically sets that theme/tag on the scripture without me having to type it in each time. I know this only reduces one or two steps since the tags come up based on most recently used on mobile, but would be easy.
2. It would be nice to be able to read the scriptures and turn on highlighting for just a single theme or tag (read filter) and have all other highlighting hidden or reduced in importance. I imagine after years of reading and studying online, I might end up with verses that are tagged with multiple different tags, etc and at times get to the point where a whole chapter is highlighted. And once everything is highlighted, nothing is highlighted...
3. Similar to idea #1, if I decide I want to read the Book of Mormon or whatever with the idea of focusing on Christ or the Atonement, it would be nice to shut down all but maybe a couple of tags so that when I see a highlighted verse, it doesn't distract me from my focus. I only see verses highlighted that match the tags I care about and when I highlight in that mode, they tags would be added.

Just some thoughts as I was studying the other day.
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Re: Enhanced highlight and studying


Post by sbradshaw »

Your best bet would be sending the suggestion through the in-app feedback. I think this feature could be useful, though it would be tricky to design the user interaction and keep the interface simple.
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Re: Enhanced highlight and studying


Post by mevans »

How I've visualized this feature is to be able to turn highlighting on or off at the notebook level. That way i can have multiple tags within a notebook. I'd want to be able to do something like have a notebook list pop up and check which notebooks whose highlighting I want to see at the moment. That way I could choose just one or multiple notebooks.

I think getting the notes and highlighting working correctly (and in multiple languages) could be one of the greatest technological blessings to church members. I feel immense potential for technology to facilitate personal revelation through the study tools. I've received personal blessings through it, but now I'm at the point where I have so many key words and highlights that the user interface is near impossible to use. But, I keep at it with faith that one day it will improve.
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Re: Enhanced highlight and studying


Post by lambclay »

Not sure if you are still thinking about this, but the ability to create multiple notebooks within the site and apps allows you to activate or deactivate notebooks at will. That being the case, creating new notebooks with specific themes, like you mention in #1, allows you to create marks that will only be visible if that notebook is active and the marks are associated with that notebook. That being the case, you could go to a specific verse and, by using different notebooks, have several completely unique set of markings and notes related to the same scripture that wouldn't overlap each other.
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