what should I have in the clerks office?

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what should I have in the clerks office?


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I'm trying to ensure that the clerks office has everything that it should have, in terms of supplies and whatnot. Does anyone have a list of what items I should have in here so I can order them or even create a re-order schedule for consumables? Is there some sort of standard inventory?

I was going to request quantities too but I suppose that will vary based on the size of the ward.
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Re: what should I have in the clerks office?


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Unless you are the first clerk in a new building, It's likely you have drawers full of the office supplies the clerks before you thought they needed and kept on hand: tape, staples, paper clips, pens, printer paper, etc.
Think of what is used on any given Sunday that will really cause a problem if you run out, such as donation envelopes, deposit supplies, temple recommend book, checks, toner, sacrament supplies, etc. and make a strategy for those reorders.

After running out of toner for the printer on a "tithing settlement Sunday afternoon," I made sure there was always a spare cartridge, with a "time to reorder" note attached to it that instructed anyone using that spare to put that re-order note in my box so I could then reorder another spare.
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