Download pre 1997 versions of the Ensign

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Download pre 1997 versions of the Ensign


Post by ammage »

Hello - I am trying to find the pdf version of the November 1995 ensign. I have seen a few threads on this forum pointing to individual magazines, but I was unable to alter the url to point them to the November 1995 issue.

So I have two questions:
1) Do you know where I can download the November 1995 issue of the Ensign?
2) Do you know where I can easily download the actual pdf of the Ensign Magazine for magazines before 1997? (Just so I don't have to keep coming to this forum to ask for the specific links to other ensign editions)

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Re: Download pre 1997 versions of the Ensign


Post by sbradshaw »

The Church didn't start using PDFs for magazines until 2001 (the PDF format was developed throughout the 1990s), so any PDFs from before then would be scans that were created later. The Church hasn't published any scanned PDFs of older Ensigns. However, they have published some of the older magazines (pre-Ensign) on You can find links by searching, or from here:
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Re: Download pre 1997 versions of the Ensign


Post by russellhltn »

I don't know as it applies in the case, but many magazines from that era are not available because the contacts of the time didn't ancipate the rise of the internet and did not grant the publisher the rights to publish online. Much of the content of the Ensign comes from members, not church employees. So, that could be a factor.
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Re: Download pre 1997 versions of the Ensign


Post by MahonriM »

Ensign magazines from January 1971 through December 2000 are unavailable in pdf format, however, most individual articles are available in text form on and the Church is working to make mp3 audio versions available. Apparently, copyright status of 30 years of Ensign content 1971-2000, particularly of graphics, prevents general distribution in pdf format. The Church has, however, placed many earlier magazines in the internet archive ( The full magazines are available in several formats, including pdf. For example the entire series of Improvement Era magazines (predecessor to the Ensign) is available from November 1897 to December 1970. Also available is the full series of Conference Reports. Other magazines include the Instructor magazine and Relief Society magazine. The Improvement Eras are a bit inconsistent in file naming convention, but the entire set of 858 issues is available and make fascinating reading, particularly for the years 1950-1970. The Instructor magazines for the same time period are also excellent reading. The 237 issues of Conference Reports, April 1880-October 2011, are of great historic and spiritual value. Note that until 1898 Conference Reports were not regularly published for every General Conference. For more information, read the article: Online Collection of Historical Church Magazines Expanding, August 29, 2012, Church News, at ... g?lang=eng
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